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Green compartment - Suoi Tien - The center of Hanoi 60km Shanxi, Resorts compartment Green - Suoi Tien Van Hoa commune, Ba Vi district where spectacular scenery, charming, in a region primary forest.

Green compartment - Fairy Stream valley between the mountains of Ba Vi, at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level. The whole resort is surrounded by rolling mountains, Suoi Tien line located on the foothills of legendary dissipation. Upstream as beautiful as waterfalls cascade Mo, United waterfall, waterfall spills, raspberry ... day and night falls down from the mountains to create super bass sounds like the calling of natural magic. All of them bring a natural landscape, with the look of a wild vague Highlander ....

The climate here is always cool all year round, white clouds covered lãng atop Mount Ba Vi makes people feel as smooth and quiet in the middle of Dalat dreams.


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