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God painted ivory streams - According to the National Highway 32 or the Lang - Hoa Lac to Son Tay town, then turn left onto Ba Vi National Park area, you will come to ecotourism destinations Thien Son - Suoi Nga.

Thien Son - Suoi Nga is located in the eastern mountains of Ba Vi Ba Vi district, Ha Tay province, where the people called Vien Son. Here associated with the legend King Hung picky husband for Princess My Nuong, and took place between bouts competed Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh.

The whole tour is divided into three main areas: the House, Zhongshan and Breathtaking Mountain. In particular, the emphasis in the main tourist area is not year-round waterfall Heaven Gate shallow water.

Gate of Heaven Falls height of 25m down the ridge forms a natural pool from 1.5 to 2m deep, moderate slopes are home to many tourists love spring. How to Heaven Gate waterfall and natural pool not far away is the Tianshan be used as venues, cultural exchange of delegations. Breathtaking zone between the two zones Son Trung Son and Ha Son large marshes 12ha wide, the tourist boating and fishing. Son Ha District, with Level Three waterfalls and many small streams interspersed winding bridge spanning the stream dreaming. The common feature in three areas that are motels were built on stilts architecture is interspersed among trees, waterfalls, is the base of travelers on the road


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