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5. Halong Bay, Quang Ninh
Halong Bay is not only beautiful but also famous worldwide. On 11/11/2011 2011 Bay was voted one of the New 7 Wonders of the World population. Most recently Bay Magazine Huffington Post - an electronic journal of the American prestige has released voted 10 places have the most impressive coastlines on the planet. It is a pity if you've never set foot landmarks and attractions this
This is one of the beautiful tourist destinations and most famous Vietnam. Halong densely concentrated ice islands have distinctive shapes and famous caves. Tourist attraction is the train to visit the bay, watching the Fighting Cock, the natural rock stunning, super clean beach break down or lost in Ti's Top Thien Cung cave ...
Ha Long Bay, the longer he can to Tuan Chau island, Bai Chay beach, and enjoy fresh seafood. Food can not be ignored when it is fried squid, tourists prefer and buy as a gift.
6. Island Co - Quan Lan, Quang Ninh
Along Quang Ninh Province, Island Co - Lan always attractions for tourists every summer. Attracts tourists by Co and Lan still damn wild capital. The feeling is to go through the middle of the cool garden, screaming loudly on the car cluck will bring the experience was great.
Co To Island - Lan Ha Noi center about 350 - 400km. In order to get you to the island speedboat ride or boat. As you step into the island, you will have a feel extremely excited, spoiled struggled on the white sandy beach stretches, shining blue sea and spoiled food very cheap seafood meals prepared at the beach .
7.Trang - Ninh Binh
Chang'an is such as gathering places besides all the famous scenic tour of Vietnam. When the order arrived on the river is like going Yen stream in the pagoda; When going through the cave is like exploring wet work in Phong Nha, Quang Binh; When the mountain views are like apples and oranges as is wandering Bay.
Located 90km from Hanoi over the south of the Hoa Lu district, Binh Gia Vien and TP.Ninh, Chang'an have thousands of hectares of the area covered by the system of submerged limestone mountains millions of years to create the lake and ponds interconnected by cross-aquatic caves. In this landscape there are many wetland ecosystems, forests and limestone monuments linked to the history of Hoa Lu ancient capital. Trang An Eco Park is representative of Vietnam's candidacy world natural heritage of outstanding universal value with the natural landscape, biodiversity and geological formations.
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