Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc) - Địa Điểm Du Lịch | Travel Viet Nam | Nơi Ăn Chơi Lý Tưởng

Tam Island - From the town of Vinh Yen, Vinh Phuc province after 1 hour drive is up to Tam Dao. Add 20km ramps, gliding across the slopes straight look up these grow tall, dim Tam Dao hidden in the mist.

Tourist resort town of Tam Dao Tam Dao Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc Province, 86km from Hanoi. The climate here is very unique, four seasons of the day; scenic vistas, majestic.

Tam Dao is a mountain range approximately 80km northwest - southeast, ranging from 10 - 15 km, the mountain resort in the North ideal. Tam Island has an area of ​​253ha located at an altitude of 900m above sea level. Mount Tam Dao has emerged as the top 3 3 islands: Table top middle name Gypsum 1.388m; top left is God II (flea market) 1.375m high, above the TV tower 93m high, is the high peak of Phu Nghia 1.400m.

The climate is very unique in Tam Dao, four seasons in one day. Morning se spring breeze, warm summer afternoon, evening lãng autumn autumn, the winter cold evening. The tiny town, with lovely paths up and down the winding, tortuous small, like a stream flowing cross-country trails throughout the four seasons.


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